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BOMA International: The GPS of CRE


Commercial real estate companies looking for direction in a complex and evolving market look to us. That’s why BOMA International is the GPS of CRE. Whether we’re fighting for the industry’s interests at the federal, state and local level, saving the industry billions through building code victories or driving high performance through our award-winning programs, BOMA is the go-to resource for CRE professionals.

Did you know:  Less than 50% of building-level annual total return is due to macroeconomic factors and property markets cycles. In fact, 53% of annual return is due to changing features of or around the individual property. Which means strong asset management is critical to portfolio success; and that's what BOMA does best.​​
(Source: CBRE, Ray Torto)


Here are just 6 Reasons why BOMA is the market leader protecting your interests every day.

  1. Leading CRE Advocate Influencing Public Policy, Saves $Millions Annually
    BOMA’s advocacy team is on the front lines on Capitol Hill and before federal agencies year round influencing policy on the industry’s most critical issues. Victories on tax issues have saved the industry $350 million per year, on energy incentives equal to $1.80 per sq. ft., and countless other issues have generated  hundreds of millions of dollars of savings each year.

  2. Building Code Victories Save $Billions Annually
    BOMA is the only CRE association with a voting seat at the table promoting and enforcing effective building codes that save you more than $6.00 per square foot for each existing U.S. building annually.

  3. Award-Winning Programs Drive High Performance
    BOMA is the recognized leader promoting market-based solutions for high-performance initiatives.  BOMA tools, from the widely accepted green model lease to the energy performance contracting model to the BOMA 360 Performance Program®, allow owners to achieve sustainability goals and ensure a healthy bottom line. BOMA is a 7-time EPA ENERGY STAR® Partner of the Year.

  4. BOMA’s Industry Intelligence Increases Your ROI
    BOMA’s Experience Exchange Report® has 3 times more usable data than any other comparable source, providing benchmarking data on energy costs, operating expenses, taxes and more to drive a more profitable bottom line. The latest EER shows utility costs down 9% with overall operating expenses down 3.9%, underscoring an industry focus on maximizing building efficiency and smart asset management.

  5. Essential Professional Development for CRE Professionals
    BOMA serves as your HR support by offering the industry’s most highly respected and comprehensive education for every level of CRE professional. A highly trained workforce saves you money and increases your competitive advantage.

  6. Access a Global Network of Best Practice Solutions and Global CRE Leaders
    BOMA works in partnership with its local associations and international affiliates to translate national and global knowledge to more than 100 localities around the world. BOMA is your strategic business partner providing invaluable best-practice solutions and advocating CRE’s business case since 1907.


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